NO.34  Mr. Alan Winthrop , Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories ( Hampshire, United Kingdom ) 010530

Mr. Alan Winthrop, Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories 
Address: Brookside, Southern Lane, New Milton,
Hampshire BH257JE United Gingdom
TEL: +44-1425-616-608 ( UK ) 
Web Site:

Orchids have always held a fascination and interest for me and indeed I have been fortunate to have worked in the mid 1970's at Wyld Court Orchids the 'UK home of Lycastes'. Having that other great nursey Ratcliffe Orchids the 'UK home of Paphiopedilums' only a few miles down the road allowed me to see the very best of orchids.
As a compulsive plant propagator it was perhaps fate that eventually would allow me to return to combine these two passions - propagating Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums at Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories. Never failing to get excited at the sight of germinating slipper orchids, my main focus has been on efficiently producing seedlings. New technology has been embraced and introduced to the industry, including PTFE venting technology,
autoclavable plastic flasks and specialist media. I now sell these tried and tested products worldwide to help with the raising of Paphs, Phrags and other plants in the plant tissue culture industry.
I have considerable experience of the industry, working for over 25
years in leading orchid nurseries, plant nurseries, tissue culture labs and university research departments. In addition to my own 11 years contract production of plants for the UK and international customers as Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories and TQPL.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself
or visit the website

Paphiopedilum seed pods



Paphs (25s)

looking inside

damage-free deflasking

PCC with AMD

TQPL growing room

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