NO.32  Mr. Zhuravlev Igor Mihai  ( Russia )      010207 010213

Mr. Zhuravlev Igor Mihai  ( Moscow, Russia ) 

In Moscow, we have a lot of amateurs who grow orchids in apartments or in apartment a closed glass case. A lot people grow Paphiopedilums. I personally have different genus in my collection, mostly species. I have two Japanense species : Sedirea japonica and Neofinetia falcata. In summer I put all my plants in north-east and south-west glassed-in balconies. For cool growing orchids I use a humidifier. Here are some of my photos. Do not hesitate to write to me if you have further questions.

Vanda tricolor v. suavis

Paph. bellatulum
My first orchid (1974)

Paph. niveum

Paph. leucochilum

Paph. insigne

Paph. glaucophyllum

Trichocentrum tigrinum

Sedirea japonica

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