NO.28  Mr. Charles Flynn  ( Montana,U.S.A.)                   000410


 I am a chemist with Montana State University Experiment Station at Sidney, Montana. I work with a plant breeder on the crop safflower. I am told that a lot of the oil from the crop is sold to Japan. Perhaps the oil you use for cooking is from one of the varieties that we have developed. I also am a sugarbeet farmer her in Eastern Montana. I live on a family farm which is irrigated. Orchids are my passion and I work almost totally with Paphs and Phrags.
 I began growing orchids about thirty years ago and have grown only the Paphs and Phrags for the last 15 years. I do my own lab work and am always looking for better growth media. Your flasks on your site that are for sale are
certainly grown well. Are the plants grown on a proprietary media or one offered to the public for sale in Japan.

Paph.( liemianum x concolor )

This is a picture of another cross which I made and which has just bloomed this winter.

Paph.( Makulii x bellatulum )

This flower is also my cross Paph. ( Makuli x bellatulum ). This is one of the first seedling to bloom. It is noticibly different than Paph. ( sukhakulii x bellatulum ).

NO.27  Mr. Chalit Pongsupasamit
           (Thailand) 000313

Mr. Chalit Pongsupasamit 
Chiangmai, Thailand

 I grow a lot of Paph. species in my nursery. I am one of the Paph.'s lovers. I have grown Paph for more than 20 years. I do both the selfing and sibling amongst my selected clones. I germinate those crosses in the flasks and sub culture them in our tissue culture laboratory.
The Thai's Paph. that we have are Paph. niveum v. album (selected clone), Paph. concolor v. album (selected clone) , Paph bellatulum (AM) and Paph. spicerianum. HCC with long spike about 29 cm and 2 flowers in one spike. I have the sibling progenies of all those seleted clones in the flask in our lab. I also have the other Paph species in my nursery too.
The flask is not available now because I get only few seedlings from each cross. In the future, when I produce more seedling plants, the flasks will be available and I 'll let you know the information on this site.

Paph. concolor album

Paph. concolor ' No. 1 '

Paph. concolor album

Paph. concolor, The progeny clone from self crossing of ' NO.1 '

Paph. concolor, The progeny clone from self crossing of ' NO.1 '

Paph. niveum album ' Miss Thailand ' AM

Paph. niveum album ' Panchita '

Paph. niveum album ' Chitapa ' AM

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