NO.24  Mr. A ( Ha Noi, Viet Nam ) 000114

Mr. A (Ha Noi , Viet Nam )

 As you know, many new paphiopedilum species and their varieties were found in Viet Nam irecently. In these days, some hobbyists in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Vity are going to interested in paphiopedilums in their own countrry and are going to grow them in their garden. They don't care specialy and grow paphs like as the other plants and flowers in pot, I hard.

Paph. delenatii

Paph. delenatii

Paph. tranlienianum

Paph. hungianum

NO.25  Sjahrizal Siregar ( Indonesia ) 000131

Mr. Sjahrizal Siregar (Indonesia )
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 In Indonesia, there are hobbyists who had love orchid since long time. But not so many of them know paphiopedilums exactly, and in these days they are going to grow Paphs in their green house or even in their garden.
I am not just an orchid hobbyist but am conducting hybridization and grow orchids seriously. I have an obsession to develop orchids of world class quality especially based on Indonesian Species of Paphs and Phals. If you are interested in my collection and to know more about my plan, please visit .my home page ..........................

Paph. kolopakingii
'Regar Sayap Polos'

Paph. gigantefolium
'Regar Corak Bersih'

Paph. praestans var. bodegomii 'Regar Handsome'

Paph. lowii 'Regar Top Green'

Paph. glaucophyllum
'Regar Sharp Color'

Paph. curtisii 'Regar Gagah Kokoh'

Paph. tonsum 'Regar Moonshape'

Paph. malipoense
'Regar Foundation'

Paph. malipoense

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