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No.2@Terry A Glancy , Fl. USA.

We are a commercial orchid nursery in south Florida growing primarily Phalenopsis, but also a fairly large number of Paphiopedilums. The weather here is very hot for many months of the year which makes the Paphs grow fairly quickly, but also reduces the ideal size of the flowers. I thought
you would enjoy some photos of our plants since we do not do shows and our plants have not been widely seen.
The 'PR' clonal name = 'Pine Ridge' which is the name of the nursery (Pine Ridge Orchids) and also the name of the ecosystem on which we have the nursery and home. It is the most globally endangered ecosystem in North America, and my wife and I have been actively restoring our piece of property for the last 20 years. If you have any questions (hope the photos come through well), please feel free to e-mail me
Terry A. Glancy @e-mail:

@The photos as followings are sent in May, 1999 and are introduced as the selected flowers by Terry.

Armeni White ' PR'

Fumi's Delight 'PR'

Cam's Cloud 'PR'

Candor Green Ice
(Mandarin Dragon x fairrieanum album)

Wassner Armeniglan 'PR'

Dollgoldi 'PR' AM/AOS

Transvaal 'Orchid Loft' HCC/AOS

Neerach 'PR'

Peppermint 'PR 2'

liemianum x wilhelminae 'PR'

Vipanii 'PR'

philippinense 'Alford' AM/AOS

The photos as follows are sent in the previous time.

James Bacon x Supersuk Sugar Suite 'PR' AM/AOS Magic Lantern 'PR'

Lynleigh Koopowitz 'PR' HCC/AOS Psyche 'PR'

Addicted Phillip 'PR5' Billy Cardalino 'PR' Mark Hasegawa

Clifton Booth 'PR' Platycolor 'PR' Drewetii

No.3@@Libor Jankovsky@iCzech republicj

@Thank you very much for your nice www page. I was very glad to see your information about new Paphiopedilum species from Vietnam. @I am from Czech republic, I live in Brno, city 250 km to South - East from Prague, 100 km from Wienna. In our country growth about 40 species of terrestrial orchids. The Cypripedium calceolus is@indigenous species from lady slippers, only. They are here some species, which growth in Japan, as well, for example Corallorhiza trifida, Epipogium aphyllum etc. Four years ago I accompanied one Japanese orchid's enthusiasts, which arrived t o see our terrestrial orchids. I have some information about Japanese orchids from him. The Paphiopedilum is very interesting genera, not easy for artificial propagation. I cooperated with other enthusiast, which growth the Paphiopedilum species from seeds. In our University is the biggest Czech collection of tropical orchids. I would like to send you one picture of just blooming Paphiopedilum wardii, as example in attachment. I am not sure with determination of this species. I have received this species from last year as Paphiopedilum celebensis. I know Paphiopedilum celebensis as variety of P. appletonianum, not like P. wardii. This type look like some clone of P. wardii. This is not some extremely rare species, but I mean, that is interesting. @@@@@@@Libor Jankovsky

Paph. wardii

X fanaticum , a natural hybrid between malipoense and micranthum. This plants came from China through Russia. How about ? It is good, you think ?

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