Bob Wellenstein  (USA, NY, AnTecLab.

In the 9th, Dec., I saw Bob in Orchid Talk, chat room. He showed us his nice Potos of his own hybrids. I was surprised the new hybrids using Paph. micranthum , Pervisepalum etc. Also, he has a good collection of paph. species.

I have received the up dated news and new photos from Bob in the 10th.,Jan. in 2000 introducing as follows. In his green house, new nice flower are comming so offen and are selected. Now Bob is the one of the best owners who's flowers are awarded in AOS judging in USA. Recently, his HP was up dated and please visit his web site.

As follows, I'll introduce some good selected clones from his collection.

micranthum album 'Candor'

armeniacum 'Candor Caile'

Magic Lantern
'Candor Fairrie Flame' AM/AOS

godefroyae 'Vacharee' AM/AOS

(Greyi albumx Double Shot)

insigne v. sanderianum
'Gladiator' AM/AOS

Duguesclin 'Overlay' AM/AOS

( sukhakulii x mastersianum )

'Candor Beguiling' HCC/AOS

As follows are the introduction from his collection in 1999. They are proud of him,of course.

Magic Lantern
'Candor Pink Perfection' AM/AOS

Greyi 'Candor' AM/AOS

concolor album

'Candor Moss Pink' AM/AOS

The photos as follows are previous ones.

The specific yellow flowwer. 

(micranthum x willhelminiae) 

micranthum x chamberainianum

micranthum x Bella Lucia

Wassner Perl x niveum


Cultana Orchids、Thailand

 concolor ' Kultana '

gofefroyae 'Kultana'

Kultana Orchids has stopped to export Paphiopedilum species after Washington Treaty. In these days, we selected nice clones of the species and are going to make flasks using these species. In near future, we 'll suport some kinds of Paph. species in flasks to Paph. lovers in the world.

niveum ' Kultana'

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