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Mr. Nickolas Page
Rock Island, Ill.  
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 I am sending the pictures to you. I am very happy with the way these plants have flowered for me. Paph. chamberlainianum has a very dark coloring and it is my very favorite sequential flowering species that I have. I am always very happy when it is in bloom.

Paph. chaberainianum

Paph. chaberainianum
 I wish Paph. Dellophylum had been a sequential flowering one by one. this is the second year it has flowered for me and again it only produces one flower, a friend of mine has a sibling from the same grex, his produces 3 flowers in sequence. The single flower of mine is larger.

Paph. Dellophylum

Paph. Eira
Paph Eira (concolor X chamberlainianum) is very pretty the yellow color is stronger than I expected it would be, also the red flushing in all parts of the flower I like very much.

How about do you find this crossing of Paph. Vacuna ( rothschildianum X villosum ) to be included as rare, and interesting, it has become one of my favorite flowers of my collection.

Paph. Vacuna

Paph. Vacuna
The plant was perchased from Klem orchid growers in Chicago Illinoise USA. 3 years ago and bloomed for me for the first time in august of 98, the last year. In this year, it bloomed very prolificly in July and the flowers lasted for a month and a half. through the middle of august. I especially love the long narrow pouch and the white edge to the upper sepal.

Paphiopedilum Ruby Lepeord

This picture of the plant that was a gift from a friend that has been growing orchids for a very long time. the plant is labeled Paphiopedilum Ruby Leopard. I do not know the cross . But I think that the flower is absolutely beautiful , the ventral sepal is the shape of a perfect hart, and almost mirrors the dorsal sepal.

I agree this clone is very good, specially the lower sepal is so big. Please grow so carefully. ( Toshi )

Something of interest maybe.... I recently have had a success in the pollination of a Phragmipedium with a Paphiopedilum, the seed pod has been flasked and I just received word that the seeds are sprouting. I am so excited. the cross I made is of Phragmipedium schroederii (pod parent) X Paphiopedilum black rook (pollen parent ). I have made crosses of paph's before with good results but this is the firstime I have ever been successful with a attempted phragmipaphium. If the
plants are successful, I will name the cross after my mother Ellenie
Zaphrolopulis. I really don't know what to expect but I am hoping that the plants will be viable and flower. it would be great if they were really beautiful and vigorous as well.
I don't even know yet how many plants there will be even. please let me know if you have heard of any other successes in crossbreeding of this nature. I haven't heard of too many others. The only other successful crossing that I have been able to find anything about is Phragmipaphium Hanes Magic 'bion' witch is Phragmipedium albopurpureum X Paphiopedilum stonei . And there wasn't much information about the plant itself, or the difficulties with crosses of this type.
Any information that you could share with me would be appreciated.

Paph Angel Flight

I have a new crossing of my Paph vacuna X Paph Angel Flight ( Alma Gavaert X phillipinense ) , the pod is forming nicely and I am excited to see what will come of it.
This plant is the pod parent of the above mentioned crossing that I am hoping for good results from. I love Paph. Angel Flight, and think that it will add an interesting influence to Paph. Vacuna but I really don't know what to expect at all, I am hoping that
the flowers will be predominantly green though, with slightly twisting elongated petals on medium sized plants and that the flowers will have an exotic species influenced shape.

I am a artist and the reason why I love the Paphiopedilum flowers so much is the poetic lines of the flowers, there exotic allure, there pouting lips that call to me and inspire me with imagination, they remind me of nature spirits, looking up at me to love them, and I do. I have painted many of my flowers and will continue to do so, and its my artistic senses that continually draw me to the more exotic blooms, I think they are more than just pretty flowers. They have a deeper beauty waiting to be discovered, if only someone would take the time to look closely at them, and just once allow themselves to feel there spirit.

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