The World Orchid Conference '99
in Vancouver、Canada

The suprended Paphiopedilums in WOC

The display of Paphiopedilums

 Paph. accmodontum           'Susanne'

Paph. urbanianum

Award of CCM

Paph. Charlie O Neill ( micranthum x leucochilum)

Paph. Pixie Magic ' Aria '

Paph. Monica ( S. Gratrix x Virgo )

S. Gratrix x Double Shot

Paph. S. Gratrix

Paph. Clover Charm ( Meon x niveum )

Paph. Green Window ' Stone ' AM/AOS ( Watercolor Artist x Jolly Green Gem ) Paph. ( adductum x niveum )

Paph. Wayne Thorton


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