Paphiopedilums in Thailand

@I have received the information about Paphiopedilum in Thailand from a friend of mine in Thailand. I'll introduce them here. As you know, Thailand is one of the most well known mother country of Paphiopedilums in the world. But the natural plants are prohibited to collect, export and import by Washington Treaty , Appendix I. On the other hand, as many Paph fans want to have the species, the concerned peoples are worried about How is the best for them. In Thailand, some hobbyists and commercial growers are making the species by cross artificially and making flasks of them. The young plants in flasks will be exported officially. And they report the young plants that they made by themselves to the government. In this case, they can export the plants that they have reported. By the way like this is one of the best one for us. About other countries, we expect to export the young seedlings in flasks officially by some peoples in the countries. If the procedures will be usual one, the illegal plants will be decreased so much, we believe.

(1)Some Paphiopedilums in Thailand.

Thehave various Paphiopedilums on the islands around the peninsula. In nature, we can see the various Paphiopedilums anywhere.@

Paphiopedilums in bush.

Paphiopedilums in bush.

In mountains, we can see Paphiopedilums that their roots extend in soil. Some Paphiopedilum like the depression of tree.

Paph. concolor

Paph. niveum

Paph. excel

Paph. bellatulum

Paph. callosum

Paph. parishii

Paph. villosum

Paph. sukhakulii

Paph. insigne

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