Paph. leucochilum breeded in Japan

Dr. Hideo Inoue won FCC !
This plant was breeded by himself.
Look at the color.......... black, black black.....
 In the judging by Nagoya Orchid Society in the 18the, Sep, 2005, the distinct Paph. leucochilum of Dr. Hideo Inoue won FCC/NOS (91 pints). This plant was selected from the seedlings breeded by himself. Look at the photo introduced bellow. NS was 96 mm. The size is enough, the shape is enough and the color is much more enough.
 According to Mr. Iwasaki introduced bellow, Dr. Inoue was succeeded to make marvelous breedings. He love Paph. leucochilum and breed sibling cross vigorously. Now the results was the pride of us, the amateur breeder in Japan. Let follow them!

Paph. leucochilum ' Black and Black' FCC/NOS (91pts)

The records awarded after

93.1points ( Kasanai Paph Guild、KPG)Sep. 2005 
GM/AJOS Oct. 2005

Paph. leucochilum ' Black and Black' FCC/NOS (91pts)

Paph. leucochilum          Grower: Mr. Katsumi Furuyama
 This flower was sekected from the same seedlings introduced above by Dr. Inoue. The NS size was similar to But the width of petal was more wide.

Mr. Hiromi Iwasaki won FCC again!
 In JOS judging in monthly meeting held in the 10th, July 2005, Paph. leucochilum‘Cape Rock Fortune’won FCC/JOS(90.0pts)exhibited by Mr. Iwasaki. We have never seen the big size of Paph. leucochilum whose shape is so good.
   N.S.101×80, D.S.60×45, L.S.40×42, P.54×60, L.20×35 mm   

 It is the second time for him to win FCC for his Paph. leucochilum that was selected from his own breeded. This is the model for many breeder around the world. In truth, this a brilliant achievement has been carried out by his good breeding and by his culture technique.

Paph. leucochilum‘Cape Rock Fortune’FCC/JOS(90.0pts)

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