Paph. leucochilum in Thailand in these days(NO.5)

Bangkok Orchid Meeting
Mr. Sakate who is a member of JPA visited their meeting that was introduce in (NO. 4) on 050514. In the morning, he attended the meeting and after noon he visited Mr. Atachai who is a friend of Mr. Sampas Koolsriroi. They always welcome the Paph fans like Mr. Sakate. How about visiting them when you have a chance. Contact to Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj
I have received the photos of the show and Mr. Sakate's visiting them from Sampas. And also, I have received photos of Paphs which Mr. Sakate have taken there. Now, I'll introduce them. Thank you Sampas and Mr. Sakate.

Photos by Sampas

At the Achatai's

Photos by Mr. Sakate

Paph. bellatulum ' Midnight Queen '

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