Paph. leucochilum in Thailand in these days(NO.2)

Dr. Sian Lim ‚—ho is a Paph. friend and lives in UK visited Thailand in the end of 2004. He took photos in the farm whose Mr. Mu is a well known breeder of Paph. leucochilum. Unfortunately it was not the blooming season of Paph. leucochilum and he could not see many flowers of full blooms. Please enjoy Paph. leucochilum in Mr. Mu's Paphiopedilum farm.

Other hobyists

He visited private collectors who are making flasks too. But in this garden he could see the flowers in photos. These are the parents that they are making hybrids. Their NS of flower is 9 to 10 cm., they said.

About the photos bellow, the owner, Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj showed the story how they born from the wild. Thank you, Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj. A orchid broker in Thailand sold these two plants to a Japanese, I hard. In near tuture, we will be able to see these flowers in Japan.

I named this clone 'RED BITCH'. The breeder was Mr. SERI and flask code was "SOS-22". I bought a 20 plant-Flask from Mr. SERI in 1999.
The mother of this plant is on the right, named
'MOON LIGHT' AM /RHT from the most famous leucochilum siblings in Thailand " WS-83". ( by Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj)

Owner: Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj

leucochilum ' Moon Light' AM/RHT

Owner: Mr. SERI

RED BITCH is the third generation of leucochilum siblings from wild plants.

QUEEN YELLOW ( grand mother ) wild orchid -------> WS-83 ( MOONLIGHT )
-------> SOS-22 (

Paph. leucochilum in Thailand in these days(NO.1)

@Dr. Sian Lim who is a orchid friend in UK is kind enough to send photos of paph. leucochilum to this site. He used to visit Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Show often as a judging member. He grows Cat mainly and like Paphs so much. Especially he loves Paph. leucochilum so much, I guess.

Paph. leucochilum introduced here were taken photos in Mr. Mu's greenhouse in Thailand. In this years end, he will visit him and I expect him to send much more photos in detail too. Thank you, Dr. Lim.

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