The species in China, Paph. conco-bellatulum will be Paph. wenshanense

Paph. wenshanense was introduced in the Newly discovered Paphiopedilums NO. 39 already. I'll announce that The species name of Paph. wenshanense has used officially in RHS registration now. Here, Paph. wenshanense means Paph. conco-bellatulum , as you know. Now, I'm using Paph. conco-bellatulum in small letter in stead of Paph. Conco-bellatulum by my personal argument. We were talking about that using Paph. Conco-bellatulum is not suitable for the species before. Especially, we have a lot of problems for registration of it's hybrids. Because There is no describe of Paph. conco-bellatulum as a species in China. But we found and recognized the species name, Paph. wenshanense to have been described from China instead of Paph. conco-bellatulm. Once again,
(1) the species name of Paph. conco-bellatulum discovered in China was not described before.@
(2) Paph. wenshanense was described already from China instead of Paph. conco-bellatulum
We were using the species name PaphDConco-bellatulum@to register hybrids in RHS as you know but you can use Paph. wenshanense for the registration instead of PaphDConco - bellatulum now.

In truce, I have received the information about Paph. wenshanense from a friend of mine in Europe. So, I have sent the registration applications to RHS already. Yesterday, I have received the registration applications to have been accepted as follows.

Paph. wenshanense x delenatii = Amagiri
Paph. wenshanense
x micranthum = Akegoromo
Paph. wenshanense
x armeniacum = Hiroki Tanaka
Paph. wenshanense
x bellatulum = Sakaki
Paph. wenshanense
x concolor = Amagumo
Paph. wenshanense
x Wellesleyanum = Makkie
Paph. wenshanense
x Greyi = Amewakamiko

You can register anytime......

We have similar problems about Paph. Greyi for Paph. x ang-thong, do you know ?

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