A new Phragimipaphium ? (2)

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Before, I have introduced Mr. Hideo Kiryu whose Phragmipaphium ( Paphiopedilum x Phragmipedium ) was flowered. Now, another hybrids, Phrgagmipaphium ? ( Phrag. besseae x Paph. malipoense ) has bloomed and is introduced here. The seedlings of this hybrids was introduced before already. 030501

Phrag. besseae x Paph. malipoense

Cf.  Phrag. besseae x Paph. micranthum which was introduced before.

 They are very mysterious and interesting. Comparing with the two results,(Phrag. besseae x Paph. micranthum, Photo bellow)&(Phrag. besseae x Paph. malipoense), we can get some interesting results, isn't it ? He used Phrag. besseae as a mother plant for the both breedings. From the results of them, we can not find any character of Phrag. besseae and Paph. micranthum or malipoense in their flowers and you might recognize the mistakes in breeding or in flasking. Look at the flowers. They are very similar ones. They made mistakes twice at the different occasion or transferred the similar hybrids but different ones, do you think ? Some one might say ' These flower may be ( Parvisepalum x Cochropetalum ). But the flowers of these crosses are not ( Parvisepalum x Cochropetalum ). These are similar of flowers, ( Brachypetalum x Cochropetalum ) in truth from our experiences. From the results of flowers, they are not concern with the both parents recorded. As I mentioned before, the two results are similar. When we have one results only, we will be able to say that it must be a mistake. But now, we can not say so simply. Considering and comparing these results, we can say as follows, 1) It is very difficult to make mistake in his breeding. 2) It is very difficult to bring the mistake into their flasking because they might make mistakes 2 times in 2 occasions. Furthermore, the mistake is not the same one. 3) The both flowers looks like other flowers that might not be concerning their record but are similar ( Brachypetalum x Cochropetalum ). Especially, the stripes on dosal sepal and shape of pouch is very different from them of the both parents. 4) But we can not identify the differences of pollen's parents. Because when Paph. micranthum was used as a farther pollen, the flower is pink type on the other hand, when Paph. malipoense was used as a pollen parents, the flower is green type. 5) The characters about hairs on staminode of ( besseae x micrathum ) is similar one of Phrag. besseae and the characters about color of staminode of ( besseae x malipoense ) is similar ones from the results using malipoense for breeding as one of parents.

 In truth, we have to wait the results from scientific technique in future but we have to consider from the results because we can not wait until the time. So, I want to propose that we can not deny simply in these results and that we recognize the flower of ( Phragmipedium x Parvisepalum ) might be similar ones of ( Brachypetalum x Cochropetalum ). Can you agree ?

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