The different type of flowers broomed form the same plants, Paphiopedilum charlesworthii

In the salon of Japan Paphiopedilum Association (JPA) held in the 30th, Jan,2005, Mr. Tohru Kikuchi introduced some subjects as follows. He grows Paph. cahrlesworthii ' Momoyo ' that was selected as a remarkable clone. But he noticed that the flower from this plants broomed in the different style of shape, color etc. So he leaved the data in Photos that are introduced bellow. ' Why the flower from the same plants brooms in such a different style? ' he said. As for me, I was deeply moved by such a marvelous flower but not care about such the difference, in truth.

Oh, surprised! 
These flowers are same from the same plants........

In Nov, 2004. Two flowers on one stem. The ventral sepal was damaged and is unsymmetrical. In Dec,2004. Dorsal sepal was symmetrical perfectly but the color was pale and the ventral sepal was unsymmetrical.

In Dec, 2004. The dorsal and ventral sepal is symmetrical. The color of sepal is pale. In Dec, 2004. The flower looks like broomed from another plant. The color of flower was pale but The dorsal and ventral sepal is symmetrical.

In Nov, 2003. The color of flower was dark but the ventral sepal was unsymmetrical.

In the Saloon of JPA, 18th, Nov, 2001. The ventral sepal were different from each other.

In Oct, 2002. The color, shape, symmetric was perfect! I want to cry out loudly ' Oh, Charles......' When I saw this photo, my mouth was half open and saliva dribbling out. I look like lose all restraint because I fall in love. However this flower will be changed occasionally like young pretty ladies....... 

 Anyway, what's going on this plant, we discussed in the saloon. All of members were considered. And we have drown a conclusion as follows. the flower have not the same damage at the same position every time. So it is not brought by genetical matter. It might be caused physiologically. a few division broomed different type of flowers. When the compost was dry condition, fertilizer and/or ionic compounds will be concentrated partially. The strong ionic compounds will be damaged to plants. We have no idea that it is true or not.
 Would you send any information like this from your experience or your thinking to me?

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