Album form of Paphiopedilum species ( NO. 10)

Not described album forms ( NO.3 )

(9)@Paph. rothschildianum

Paph. rothscildianum

Paph. rothschildianum
computer aided album form
In this book, ' Young plants of an alba form of paph. rothschildianum are on the market, without flowering example ever having been exhibited in public. Photographs of the flower, which appear from time to time, show the coloring to be a clear green with brown nervation on the petals. Paphiopedilum connoisseurs with knowledge of computers claim that it is not difficult to modify the image of a digitally so that it looks like an albino, even if this does not exist. The leaves of the plants are the same as those of a normal plant and not point to the presence of an albino.' In Japan, so many hobbyists bought this seedlings in very expensive price.

Taxa described as albino forms, while they are not
(1) Paph. bougainvillianum

Paph. bougainvillianum
f. album

in Japan Orchid Society Bulletin, 1999
or in Die Orchidee, 1971

(2) Paph. villosum

Paph. villosum
f. aureum

in Orchidee, Culture et Protection, 1998

(3) Paph. insigne

Paph. insigne
f. sanderae
( Rchb.F.)
Gruss et Roeth

in Caesiana, 1999

Dorsal sepal has tiny brown spots.

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