A Letter from Nanning, China (NO.2)

Paph. villosum

Near Nanning, we can see Paph. villosum so easily. And we have many different varieties of color, some of them might be the natural hybrids with other species....
This yellowish flower is not collected in China. I hard this clone came from Viet Nam. Can you tell me this kind of Paph. villosum belong to which variety?
(Dr. Tanaka)@I believe this clone is one of color variety of Paph. gratrixianum. In Japan, we say Paph. gratrixianum is rare species. But we know it is common species in North Viet Nam. We have many varieties of color, usually deep maroon. But the yellowish flower is vary rare type, I guess.

Paph. henryanum

This species has many individual differences of color and spots etc.

Paph. esqurolei

We can see Paph. esquirolei around Nanning easily. Also they have individual differences too.

Paph. dianthum

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