Paphiopedilums in Myanmer

041204    Paph. insigne

 Dr. Tanaka who lives in Bangkok, Thailand is very kind enough to send photos of Paph. insigne's rare clones as follows. He went to Alakan mountains to investigate plants and found several colonies of Paph. insigne on the way. In the colonies, he found the very interesting and rare clones and took photographs as follows. We have so many clones of Paph. insigne, a long-established but almost of them were gone, I guess. I can not identify these clones were described or not or were given some species name. If you know the identification, please let me know. These photos are restricted by his copyright for publishing books in near future. Don't use these Photos without his permission.

Paph.insigne f. sp

Paph. insigne f. sp

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