The Splendid and/or marvelous Paphiopedilums exhibited
in Ohsaka Paphiopedilum Guild

I have visited the monthly meeting of Ohsaka Paphiopedilum Guild held in the 7th, Mar.,1999. As I have hard that there are many enthusiastic Paph hobbyists in Kansai area now, the rumor was true in my view of the meeting. Although I could not stay there for a few hours only and not enjyoed enough for me, I have felt their enthusiasm enough in Paphs. In this meeting, many splendid Paphs were exhibited. So, I'll introduce you some of them that I was interested in .

(1) Species

concolor album 'Cape Rock'

emersonii 'Dream' HCC/OOS

linii , very good one....

gratrixianum 'Geyserland'

hynaldianum 'Kohtaro'
This clone is very nice.

(2) Hybrids

Norito Hasegawa

Norito Hasegawa

Evelyn Rollke 'Green Whale'

Evelyn Rollke

( malipoense x fairrieanum )

Tracery (Psyche x faiirieanum)

China Song 'Applause'

Frame Arrow 'Applause'

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