Ohsaka Paphiopedilum Guild@Quarterly Meeting, in Sept., 2000

@Osaka Paphiopedilum Guild held their meeting 4 times a year. In 2000, Sept., they have the quarterly meeting in Ikeda City Public Hall. Answering many expectation, the appearance will be shown now. These information was supplied by Mr. Naoto Takasaki and other attendances who are members and good friends of mine. Thank you Naoto.

The topics in these days, the flower of Phragmipaphium (Phragipedium x Paphiopedilum) was introduced.
The flowers that we have seen before were very closed to one of breeding parents, especially Phragmipedium. But this flower is similar to paphiopedilum giveing out a smell of Phragmipaphium.

Phragmipaphium Hanes Magic `Medusa`

Hanes Magic `Medusa`

Paph. carlesworthii

Paph. bellatulum
album or semialbum

Paph. (Memoria Larry Heuer x delenatii)

Phrag. Dominianum

Paph. glanduliferum ' Tsukude '

On the label, there is Paph. bodegomii but this flower is not the member of Paph. wilhelminiae and bodegomii from ths shape of staminode. This flower is very rare with pale color and we can not identify this is glanduliferum or praestans. Someone say it is no meaning, glanduliferum or praestans. Paph. glanduliferum will be best as the total species name of ths groupe. (Dr. Tanaka)

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