Ohsaka Paphiopedilum Guild Quarterly Meeting, in June 2000

 Osaka Paphiopedilum Guild held their meeting 4 times a year. In 2000, June, they have the quarterly meeting in Ikeda City Public Hall. Answering many expectation, the appearance will be shown now. These information was supplied by Mr. Kazutoshi Besho who is one of organizers and Mr. Naoto Takasaki who is one of members. Thank you very much. And almost of all Photo except mentioned specially are supplied by Mr. Besho. The official HP of Kansai Paphiopedilum Guild will be released in Sep., I hard. We are looking forward to visiting the site.

(1)A Lecture ’The Fascinating Brachypetalum ’
 By Mr. Hiromi Iwasaki

 We had the lecture by Mr. Hiromi Iwasaki who is a vice president of our society and many members were looking forward to having it for long time. At the beginning, he introduced a lot of stories that he experienced in Thailand a long time ago before Washington Treaty. And the next, he introduced his own breeding of Paph. leucochilum. His seedlings between Paph. leucochilum ' Cape Rock ' and Paph. leucochilum ' Red Rock ' and we have a lot of nice clones whose NS is over 9 cm in the seedlings. A many Paph. fans were surprised and envied by the results. He explained the results using slide presentation. Further more, three of the seedlings were awarded in this meeting too. He emphasized our own breeding is so interesting. He grow Brachypetalums to flower from the seedlings in flasks in 2 years only. By him, Paph. leucochilum like hotter and he grow them over 20 C of minimum temperature in winter and never rest the young seedlings in winter.

leucochilum ' Red Rock Corona ' Photo by Mr. Takasaki

leucochilum ' C.R. Wing '  
Photo by Mr. Takasaki

(2) The Awarded Flowers

sukuhakulii ' Measure Arrow '
Awarded : 80.57 pts

leucochilum ' Red Rock Corona '
Awarded : 80.17 pts

Sunshine Glory ' C.R. Angel '
Awarded : 79.83 pts

leucochilum ' Cape Rock Highest '
Awarded : 79.33 pts

leucochilum ' C.R. Wing '
Awarded : 79.00 pts

hynaldianum ' N. Yumi '
Awarded : 76.83 pts

(2) Other Flowers on the Table

Dollgoldi The 1st prize of voting

hookerae ' Red River '


callosum ' Perfect Circle '




henryanum ' Runa '




superbiens ' Dragon Eye '

Double Shot x bellatulum


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