The natural habitat
of Paphiopedilum

@I'll introduce the photographs of natural habitat of Paphiopedilums that are sent from the mother countries of them. They might be the newest information and also the old ones. Anyway this means just the introduction of natural appearance of Paphiopedilum that we, Paph. fans want to know but does not encourage illegal collection of them from mountains. I'm very happy to help giving the chance to consider the nature including the Paphs' conservation.

(1) Paph. barbatum from Malaysia

This information was sent by a friend in Malaysia.

@I feel cooler climbing about 800 m from the sea level in the jungle mountains of Malay peninsula. When we climbed rocks about 20 m further using cable and took a short rest. I found this plant and flower in bush besides me. This flower was faced to south east. When we climbed a ridge further, we saw a lot of plants making a colony where faced to north east.
Here is wet area with a shrubbery, our foot got wet in the damp.

@We found the small streaming in the damp. We have to care about our foot not to tread on the young seedlings there. There are a lot of plants here. But around this area, we could not find any plants. In the north west side of the ridge, we found a few plants in the heavy bush and is more steeply.

A Wish

@Now we have to say that the species of Paphiopedilums is disappeared gradually and they are endangered. I hope you understand the situation well and co-operate not to get the illegal plants please.

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