Paphiopedilums in New Guinea

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(1)Paphiopedilums in New Guinea.

Paphiopedilum violascens

Drawn by N.H.S. Howcroft from live specimen ex Saru River, Garaina, Morobe Province

We know about 60 species of Paphiopedilums in South Asia. In Papua New Guinea, known species of Paphiopedilum are , Paph. praestans, Paph. violascens, Paph. bougainvilleanum and Paph. wentworthianum. There may be more species, some botanists and hobbyists believe.

Paph. praestans

They grow on limestone country up to 1700 m in shallow soils in exposed or partly shaded areas.

Paph. violascens

This species is found in limestone areas but seems to occur more frequently in ultrabasic, volcanic areas in well shaded niches along river banks and on the steep slopes of gullies and streams. Photo by Mrs. Ralph Levy.

Paph. bougainvilleanum

They love wet montane forest at the foot of large rocky exposed outcrops growing in leaf litter at altitudes from 1100 - 1850 m. Photo by Mrs. Ralph Levy.

Paphiopedilum papuanum

Photo by Mrs. Ralph levy

Paph. wentworthianum

Photo by Mrs. Ralph Levy

Conservation status: @All species are very rare and endangered. The few sites at which they occur in Papua New Guinea appear to be known to unscrupulous orchid collectors.

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