Orchid Show in Germany

2) The Summer Orchid Festival in Germany

 'Sommerfest der Deutschen Orchideengesellschaft'
at the nursery of Franz Glanz at Unterwoessen in a small valley, about 100 km south of Munic in Bavaria.
 This official meeting of the German Orchid Society included a lecture programand also an awarding session with around 50 interesting plants, also some very nice plants of the genus Paphiopedilum. Many guests came from Germany, Austria ,
Switzerland, Italy, England, Sweden and Danmark especially for the awarding and the following fest with Bavarian music and the beer. Some of the awarded Paphs will be introduced as follows

Paph. Armeni White 'Woessen' SM

Paph. Bella Lucia 'Woessen' SM

Paph. Woessner Goldegg
'Woessen' BM

( armeniacum X Pinocchio )

In a outside exhibition were shown the very interesting crosses.It was really a very nice meeting and a weekend full of new impressions, talkson sunny hot days.

Paph. Woessner Kolomic ( kolopakingii x micranthum )

Paph. Unnamed
( armeniacum x philippinense var. roebelinii )

Paph. St. Low

( lowii x Saint Swithin )

Paph. Unnamed

( glanduliferum x Saint Swithin )

Paph. Unnamed

( Saint Swithin x primulinum )

Almost of all these flowers of hybrids are very new ones that we have never seen so easily.
These news was introduced by Mr.Olaf Gruss , a friend of mine in Germany in the 8th, July, 1999. ( Toshi Tanaka )

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