Orchid Show in Germany

2) The 1999 orchid exhibition by D.O.G. Orchid    Group Hessen-Nassau in Niedernhausen.

 The orchid group of Frankfurt, one of the biggest local groups of the
German Orchid Society (D.O.G.), had its 50th anniversary in 1999. The
group, named D.O.G.-group Hessen-Nassau, celebrated their jubilee with an orchid exhibition in Niedernhausen (west of Frankfurt) from 24. to 26., September 1999. 
 It is a tradition within the German Orchid Society to invite a celebrity, usually a lady, to christen a new orchid hybrid. The Frankfurt group had as a special guest the former first lady of Germany, Christiane Herzog, wife of the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, at their show. The charming Mrs. Herzog is successfully growing several orchids herself at home and showed a vivid interest in the plants exhibited at the show.

  These information were presented by Dr. Holger Perner, a friend of mine in Germany. Thank you Dr. Perner.

 Several rare or new slipper orchids of the genera Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium and Mexipedium were highlights of the show tables. Main exhibitors of the slipper orchids were the professional nursery men Franz Glanz, Giselher Cramer and Wolfgang Tonn.

Mrs. Herzog christening a Phalaenopsis (in the background D.O.G. president Mr. Gerd Roellke)

Display in the exhibition.

The show table of Franz Glanz

Mr. Franz Glanz

The sales table of F. Glanz

Paph. micranthumexhibited by F. Glanz.

Paph. barbigerum

Paph. purpuratum

Paph. helenae

Paph. sangii

Paph. parnatanum

Paph. wardii album

Paph. wardii album

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