The North Europe Orchids Meeting in Denmark ( NO.2 )

Also no medal get a plant which were presented as Paph. parishii. The owner told that a friend of him had collected this plant around 10 years ago in South of China. So it is interesting for us because normally you can find there only Paph. dianthum. The plant is smaller then the normal Paph. parishii and has not so many flowers. It stands between parishii and dianthum.

Paph. parishii in China

Tha staminode of paph. parishii in china ( above )

The black cross between Paph. Makuli with Paph. rothschildianum (Paph. Astro Boy ) was not shown in the awarding session. The owner thoughts that plant only with one flower has no chance. But the black colour and the good shape of the flower give us hope for the future.

Paph. Astro Boy

Seldom to see is the nice Paph. Glaucopar (glaucophyllum x parishii). Atrtractive in colour was also the cross between Paph. chamberlainianum (better
Paph. victoria reginae) and Paph. wilhelminae (the hybridizer used the name gardineri, but it was a true wilhelminae).

Paph. Glaucopar

Beside the session I found in the interesting collection of Hans Christiansen also an just undescribed new species or natural hybrid of the genus Phragmipedium.

Some interesting new hybrids from Germany.
In the last months many new primary hybrids came in Germany in flower. Very interesting were here the results of crossing with the giant Paph. kolopakingii. So flowered the first time in the collection of Franz Glanz the crosses with Paph. hennisianum and with Paph. lawrenceanum. Both has very big flowers and a compact growth.

Paph. hennisianum x kolopakingii

Paph. lawrenceanum x kolopakingii

But the best of all was the cross with Paph. Armeni White. A very small plant get an inflorescence with 2 very big white flowers. Really a top hybrid.

Paph. Armeni White x kolopakingii

But also very beautiful was the cross between Paph. lowii with Paph. adductum with nice coloured big flowers.

Paph. lowii x adductum

The well known is the cross between Paph. sukhakulii and Paph. sanderianum, Paph. Longfellow Serende.

Thebeautiful is the cross between Paph. armeniacum and Paph. philippinense, Paph. Michael Tibbs. The hybridizer used for this cross Paph. roebbeliniithe , a variety of Paph. philippinense.

Paph. Michael Tibbs

On the picture better then in reality is the cross between Paph. amabile (better Paph. bullenianum) and Paph. sanderianum

Paph. amabile x sanderianum

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