The North Europe Orchids Meeting in Denmark

The Denmark-Sweden Orchids' meeting was held in Fredensborg near Kopenhagen in the 14 th and 15th, August,1999. This report was presented by Mr. Olaf Gruss who is a good friend of mine in Germany. Thank you, Olaf.

Landskamp Danmark-Swerige in Fredensborg near Kopenhagen
14th - 15th of august 1999. Every year, the orchid societies of sweden and Denmark meet at a concurrence awarding session. The members of the societies show their best plants in this meeting. Many visitors came to the nursery of Hans Christiansen to Fredensborg near Kopenhagen and had the chance to see many well cultivated and rare species and hybrids.

About the scandinavian orchid societies is not known well unfortunately. The biggest one is the Orchid Society of Sweden Swenska Orchide - Saellskapet and has about1200 members. On the other hand, the Dansk Orchide Club in Denmark has about 800 members, the Norsk Orkideforening in Norway has about 200 members and the Suomen Orkideankasvattajat from Finland has about 300 members. They have 3 interesting journals - Orkideer from Danmark, Orkidea Lehti from Finland and a journal from Sveden. So orchidfriends of all these societies came to this meeting and also some of Germany.

Beside other well cultivated plants also some slipper orchids were shown at the awarding session under the chairman Gerd Roellke, the president of the German Orchid Society (Dutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft)

From now, I'll show you some of the intersting Paph and Phrag shown in this meeting.
A gold medal were given to a wellcultivated Phragmipedium Sedenii 'Fredensborg' with many spikes and and flowers.It is sure the same clone which were shown at first as Phrag. schlimii 'Wilcox', later as Phrag. Sedenii 'Wilcox', but I think it is not a Sedenii. It looks more like a triploid Phrag. Calurum.

Phrag. Sedenii 'Fredensborg'

A Silver Medal get the well cultivated Paph. Transvaal (Paph. chamberlainianum X rothschildianum) with big well coloured flowers in a good shape.

Paph. Transvaal

A very interesting unnamed cross were Paph. Chartles Sladden x Paph. sanderianum with big red coloured flowers get a Bronze Medal.

( Paph. Chartles Sladden x Paph. sanderianum )

No medal get the not so beautiful cross of Paph. tigriunum with Paph. dayanum. This cross, made by Franz Glanz from Germany shows again that the hybrids of Paph. tigrinum are seldom beautiful.
Paph. ( tigriunum x dayanum )

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