A New Year Orchid Show
in Utsunomiya 2003

@A New Year Orchid Show was held from the 1st to the 5th , Jan., 2003 in Utsunomiya, Romantic Village where is the agricultural natural park with hot spring. And this park has the flower dome, a big green house as you can see bellow. In this village, the World Orchid Fair in 2003 will be held in May.

The flower dome as the symbol o f Romantic Village.

The event area

The green house, usual sells booth of plants and flowers including orchids

The front of flower dome

The entrance
The open area led from the entrance. The orchid show was held in this open area.
Here is much larger than we expect. About 300 orchids were exhibited by the members of Utsunomiya Orchid Society. But we might get a impression it was not enough.

In dome, it is keeping at 20 C and good ventilation for growing these coconut trees.

The show was very fine in bright sun shine and open atmosphere
There is stage decorated with orchids

Many members of Utsunomiya Orchid Society love Paphiopedilum very much.

Paph. Sweet Lemon

Paph. Sheerine ' Rondo '
Paph. ( parishii x rothschildianum )

Paph. Hassary ' St. Mary '

Paph. (Green Mystery x Yerba Buena)
Paph. ' Hamatake '

Paph. ( Hellas x F.C. Puddle)

Paph. Yadorigi ' Makichan '

Phrag. besseae
had the sells booth by Niisato Nursery. Hideki is a good guy who came from Brazil but is Japanese was keeping the shop .

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