Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS)

@Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) 2013 was held from the 9th to 16th in March, 2013 in Tainan Prv. A many attendance not only from Taiwan but also from other countries visited this show. In this show, the displays and individual orchid flowers were judged, and AOS judged the orchid flower officially.

The main gate of TIOS

 The exhibition by sponcer
We are threatened by the exhibition with the power very much every year.
A bus was chartered from hotels early in the morning on March 5, and judges gathered in a meeting place.
   Judge's reception
 The greeting by a chairperson in Judges meeting judges line up for the categories separately
 The flowers for judge were accepted at the exhibition hall on the previous day of the judge.
Before judging, the hallwas wrapped in the peculiar atmosphere.
English and a Taiwanese language were argued eagerly in the judging. 
 The flower, the best of show was elected from the flowers awarded blue ribbon and sorted out on the show table in center hall.
  Paph. Lebeau@ 'Xiuya #1'  Blue Ribbon
 Paph. sanderianum  Blue Ribbon  Trichoglottis rosea Blue Ribbon
Paph.(Delrosi x vietnamense) Blue Ribbon Ascda. Bang Saai 'Yen Lin '  Blue Ribbon
The best of Show, @ Den. Vsita Blue Ribbon
Tolumnia (Golden Sunray x Jairak Rainbow)    Blue Ribbon
Den. speciosum   Blue Ribbon Cat. Barefoot Mailman 'Rainbow' Blue Ribbon
Rth. Chuantung  Hsiang Blue Ribbon Cat. Trpical  Rainbow 'Scarlet' Blue Ribbon
Phal.(Surf Song x Sunrise Star) 'OX1634'
Blue Ribbon
Phal. OX Yellow Lip 'OX1648' 
Blue Ribbon
Phal. OX Black Face 'OX1674'  Blue Ribbon Phal. Join Angel 'TH 274-1'  Blue Ribbon
When judging was finished, the hall was open to the concerned as a preview immediately.
Just finished Phalenopsis judge
Exhibition of Blue Ribbon floweres which were elected as the best in each category 
Explanation of winning flowers by a reporter announcement
The flower with which the center was spangled in the best of show, Den. Vsita
The best in the category, flower arrangement A contest ofpaintings of orchid by schoolchilden was also performed.
The opening ceremony was also performed magnificently.
Event in the opening ceremony  Many TV stations covered the ceremony.

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