ORCHIDS 2000, 11th National Show and Paphiopedilum Symposium & Lecture in South Africa

@Orchids 2000, 11th National Show and Paphiopedilum Symposium & Lecture was held from the 7th to the 10th of September 2000 at the REMBRANDT HALL UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA in South Africa.
The Orchids 2000 Organizing Committee is proud to announce the following speakers participated at their National Show:
Thursday 7 September 2000:
Orchids of Peru by Dr. Eric Christenson, Semi-terete Vandaceous Orchids by Mr. Robert Fuchs, A fire side chat on the weird orchids from Madagascar by Mr. Murray Shergold, South African Terrestrial Orchids by Mr. Andries Vorster, An A.O.S. panel discussion 'What makes a plant awardable?' by Mr. Robert Fuchs, Modern Cattleya breeding trends by Mr. Ned Nash

Friday 8 September 2000:
Newest in warmth-tolerant & regular Cymbidiums by Mr. James Rose, Recent taxonomic revelations & their significance in Lycaste breeding by Dr. Trevor Edwards,
The Chemistry of shade houses by Dr. Denis van Rensburg,
Polystachyas by Mr. Hendrik Vorster, Arranges: The Other Stars of Africa by Mr, Lourens Grobler, The wide world of Laelias by Mr. Ned Nash, Orchids with Fancy Leaves by Dr. Harold Koopowitz, Concluding remarks by Mr. Angela van Rooyen.

Saturday 9 September 2000:

New species & their legal status by Dr. Harold Koopowitz, Parvisepalums - Then and now by Mr. Karen Muir, Phragmipediums in the wild by Dr. Eric Christenson, Modern breeding trends in Brachypetalums, Maudii &
complex Paphs by Mr. Mike Tibbs

Panel Discussion
Panel of Experts - How to grow Parvisepalums
successfully, Influence of species on hybrids by Dr. Norito Hasegawa.

These information were supplied by Mr. Martin Wolter. Thank you Martin. And they have their own HP which is supplying the show and their societie's activity. Please visit them when you have a time.

As I'm asking them to send Photos of Paphiopedilum,I'll show you when I receive them. And the information of the next show will be announced as soon as possible.

Show Champion

Cymbidium Last Tango 'Geyserland'

Reserve Champion

Cattleya intermedia #22


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