The Shikoku Paphiopedilum Society Annual Meeting in 2001

@The annual meeting of Shikoku Paphiopedilum Society was held in Kagawa-Cho, Kagawa-Ken in the27th, May, 2001. In the meeting, many Paphs were awarded by the judging by Japan Orchid Society ( JOS ). This society is composed of members mainly in 4 prefectures of Shikoku. In this meeting, 36 embers were attended and over 50 of Paphs were exhibited. Also we have the an attraction for exchanging Paphs. The attendance were so enjoyed the whole day. Here the marvelous Paphs will be introduced. Please enjoy them, you too. These information was supplied by Mr. Kiyoaki Tatsuka who is a judging member of JOS.

A secretariat of Shikoku Paphiopedilum Society
Mr. Takashi Nakayama
1119|8,Yshimanishi-Machi, Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa-Ken, zip :761-0113 TELF +81-878-41-1354

The Awarded Flower in a Popularity Vote

Paph. rothschildianum ' Maya '

Paph. Magic Lantern
' Nucleation '
HCC/JOS (78 pts)
( micranthum x delenatii )


Paph. philippinense var. album eWhite Riverf
HCC/JOS (77 pts)

The Awarded Flower@( By JOS )

Paph. bellatulum var. album eHirof
HCC/JOS (79 pts)

Paph. Isabel Booth
eKen's Clubf
HCC/JOS (78 pts)
(philippinense ~ Lady Isabel)

Paph. kolopakingii eC. R. Wildf HCC/JOS (77 pts)

(Dominianum ~ caudatum giganteum) eYashimaf
HCC/JOS (76pts)

Paph. Muriel Constance eNucleationf HCC/JOS (76 pts)
(bellatulum ~ ang-thong)

Phrag. besseae
eLove Machinef
HCC/JOS (75 pts)

The other
Paph. (conco-bellatulum var. album ~ micranthum var. album@)

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