Paph.Mystc knight 'Maya' HCC

Paph. Mistic Knight 'Hakusyu' HCC

Paph. Manna-Mannna ' Pinky White ' HCC

Paph. Mistic Knight 'Fijiwara' HCC

Paph. (Another World x Blendia ) 'takato' HCC

Paph.(Geelong X Wotlf Exile) X Danna Hanes
' Hinotori'  HCC 3rd Prize

Paph.World Plaza

Paph. ( World Plaza X A.Lomax )

Paph. Emerald Dream ' Masaki-1' HCC

Paph. Emerald Dream 'Limelight' HCC
Paph.Emerald Dream ' Limelight '

Paph. Gold Nuget ' Punpkin ' HCC

Paph. Lippewunder 'Sachiko'

Phrag. Hanne Papow ' Tokumoto' HCC

The cooperation from the orchid friends in Nagano Ken.

Paph. Bruno ' Model '

Paph. (WaWona Maiden X Ruby Leopard )

Paph. dianthum ' R-9 '

Paph. Norito Hazegawa

Paph. Orchilla ' Chilton '

Paph. (Stargate X Hamana Teles) 'ROII'
Paph.{ Kimerley Szabo X (Arohina X Magic Moor)} 'King'

Phrag. Sedeni 'Wilcox'

Phrag. Young Lidley 'Orange Peco'

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