The 6th edition of international show "Orchidee in Centro"
Monteporzio 2001

@The 6th. International Show "Orchidee in Centro", organized by ALO (Associazione Laziale Orchidee) in Monte Porzio Catone
(Rome,Italy) was held from the 6th to 8th in April. Over 50,000 people visited this show from the near Rome and from any italian region. The show was of very good quality (for italian situation). Not many paphiopedilum in exhibit but some interesting. Great great quantity of phalaenopsis hibrids presented, but very few of the old type (white/purple big flowers). The standard this year was the little flowered ones, with bright colors and many flowers. These information was supplied by Mr. Giulio Farinelli who is a orchid friend in Italy. He has own web site and introduce this show in detail.
Please visit his site and enjoy. Thank you, Guilio.

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