The 8th Paphiopedilum Forum
in Hinuma 2003

 Paphiopedilum Forum in Hinuma supported by Mochizuki Orchids Nursery was held in the village of Hinuma also, in Ibaraki-Ken in the 20th, April . A lot of Paph. fans attended to this forum from Osaka where is the west area and from Yamagata where is the north area in Japan.

The invited speaker were
(1) Mr. Nobuhiro Hata ' The Awarded Paphiopedilums of JOGA in 2002 '
(2) Mr. Kazuhito Uchida ' Paph developing by Dogashima Orchid Center '
(3) Mr. Takashi Wakamatsu ' The orchid show in Spa-resort Hawaians '
(4) Dr. Toshinori Tanaka ' Paphs described or reported newly in this year `
(5)Mr. Masakatsu Tomiyama ' How many Paph fans in orchid growing people ? ' and ' A short trip to Papua New Guinea for orchids '

Anywhere the Paph fans were talking about Paphs, Paphs .... and Paphs.

Mr. Nobuhiro Hata talked about the Awarded Paphiopedilums of JOGA

This year is the 30th anniversary. Mr. Mochiduki talked about the start situation of his nursery 30 yeas before and introduced the special person invited.

Mr. Kazuhito Uchida who is the president of Dogashima Orchid center.

He talked about Paph. Royal Wedding that was awarded the Grand Prix in JGP before.

The questions were very special ones and the speakers were annoyed how answer......
The Orchid Show in Spa-resort Hawaians will be held in this year too. (2 Photos by Mr. Kamei )

The lunch was so fantastic. The lunch is also pleasure for the attendance.

I don't like to see my features. When I bring myself to Paph judging, I will be unsuccessful to have award because no good balance. But it is so good to be steady. I talked about ' The species described newly last year.

The special award
(2)Franco Bruno賞 (3)望月蘭園30周年記念特別賞


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