Gunma Orchids Grand Prix 2003

 Gunma Orchids Grand Prix 2003 was open to public in Gunma Flower Park from 15th to 23rd, Mar. 2003. This report was supplied by Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka who lived in Tochigi and a good Paph. friends of JPA, Japan Paphiopedilum Association.

Grand Champion Paph. rothschildianum ' Stone River '

SM/JOGA、83Pts NS was 32cm.

 Paph. rothschildianum ' Ocean River ' BM/JOGA

Paph. rothschildianum ' Big Akagi ' BM/JOGA

Paph. Prince Edward of York ' Stone River '

Paph. sukhakulii ' Orange Arrow ' SM/JOGA

Paph. ( Macabre x Ruby Peacock ) BM/JOGA

Paph. ( Moreton bay x malipoense ) ' Fanta Stiff Story ' SM/JOGA

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