The Annual Meeting of Kansai Paphiopedilum Guild in 2000

I have visited the the annual meeting of Kansai Paphiopedilum Guild held in the 27th, Mar.,2000. Although I could stay there for a few hours only but enjoyed so much. and I have felt their enthusiasm enough in Paphs. So, I'll introduce you some of them that I was interested in this meeting.

A greetin by the president, Mr. Kanbara

A treasurer's report by Mr. Besho.

(1) Auction

@In this year, auction was started in the morning in order to be attended by all members.

A popular figure of auction in this meeting, Mr. Iwasaki started .......

' Would you bit after seein this flower actually'

' This is so nice...'

All atendance were keeping their eye to Mr. Iwasaki in the auction.

'I love this plants '
The judging in this show.

The president Kanbara gave comments for the awarded flowers.

They are checkig paphs as the prize of populaton poll.


imicranthum x Vanda M. Pearman )

Norito Hasegawa

Mint Cjocolate





leucochilum album

wenshanense ' Kei '


bellatulum ' Perfect Circle '

leucochilum ' March Moon '

leucochilum ' Omoteyama'

lowii ' Red River '

lowii ' Esprit '

philippinense var. roebelinii f. album

( x micranthum )

( Pacific Pcean x New World) x sukhakulii

( Mem. George Betzold x concolor )

Druryi x gratrixianum ' R538T'

( henryanum x bellatulum )

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