Orchid Show in Germany

Orchideen-Exotic-Messe 2003

I have received the reports from a orchid friend in Germany, Mr. Peter Schmitt. Thank you Peter.

@On march, 23 th, I visited the "Orchideen-Exotic-Messe" in Stuttgart, Germany. This was one of the biggest orchid shows in Germany and most of all orchid breeder were there with many new orchids.
I'll send some photos of slipper orchids, I have taken this day.

Paph. delenatii

Paph. micranthum ehhibited by Franz Glanz, BM/DOG

Paph. micrantum var. eburneum

Paph. tranlienianum

Pah. Ho Chi Minh

Paph. ( delenatii x emersonii )

Pap. Ma Belle, BM/DOG

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