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Revised-Second Edition
@ 0411123
Authers: Lance A. Birk ( Web site )
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In December 2004, the Revised Second Edition becomes available. This is a completely new, modified, updated and rewritten book. With additional new content added, it contains one-third more pages than the First Edition, including thought-provoking chapters on: The archaic science of Botany, with Birk’s suggested new tools for modern Orchid classification. It isn't rocket science and his ideas and logical approach bring simple clarity to this untidy field. Also, details of the net results of habitat conservation and the shocking Plan for Orchid Extinction now being perpetrated are described. It retains all the original chapters (each one rewritten), and it incorporates hundreds of life-size, color photos, including all the new species discovered since the First Edition was published.

  In PART I (the first half of the book), each of the known species is given a separate page which shows at least one, and usually two, life-size, close-up photographs of the flowers. For many species a second page shows the plant in its natural habitat, or it shows illustrations of several variations of flower types for comparison of the range found within the species. Also, detailed information including a description of the plant' habit, climate details and specific cultural comments peculiar to each species is provided.

  PARTS II & III detail cultural and peripheral information. One full chapter details Watering Techniques, specifically; ...When and How. Also a chapter on the varieties, types and specifics of the different Potting Media includes details on how to prepare THE PROVEN MOST SUCCESSFUL MIX for your own that works - every time it is used.

  Other chapters include: The critical importance of Air Movement, Light, How to Manage Pests and Diseases, When and How to Divide and Repot, Seed Sowing and Replating and How to Care for Seedling Orchids. Each of these techniques is readily adaptable to every grower's use, once they understand how to apply them.

  Additional chapters include; Making a Hybrid Cross, Photographing Your Paphiopedilums, (explaining exactly how to take excellent close-up photographs of your flowers), The Importance of Orchid Societies, Importing Paphiopedilums, Collecting Your Own Orchids, Growing in a Greenhouse, or Growing In Your Own Home.

  Plus - a detailed and comprehensive chapter about The Disappearing Forests. It is NOT what everyone thinks, and few people really understand the realities of life in forests around the world. Also in this chapter, a workable solution is offered, one which can realistically address this unbounded problem of habitat destruction. Each reader can determine for himself if this relatively simple plan has merit and is worthy of his support.

  Everyone should read the last chapter, The Blueprint For Orchid Extinction, which details the fate awaiting all orchids remaining in their habitats. This is NOT what we all had hoped for, but the realties of the current situation are explained in unambiguous details. these engaging plants will ultimately be lost if current laws prevail. You can trust this.

  Hard bound, 284 pages on fine, acid-free, 128gsm, coated stock art paper. Beautiful and durable dust Jacket covers this handsome book---Size: 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. Nearly 300 full-color photographs, many flowers shown life-size.

Shipping Information
  It is expected that the first Standard edition copies will begin shipping the first week of December 2004. Leather hand-binding of the Sponsors and Collectors editions is a time consuming process and will be completed in numerical order commencing with the Sponsors edition, followed by the Collectors edition. First copies of the Sponsors edition are planned for delivery in mid-January.

  284 pages,…hardbound, with beautiful, full-color and durable dust-jacket, …Book size:8 1 / 2 in. x 11 in. ........ Standard edition books will be shipped beginning in early December.... via US Postal Service?urface mail. ....ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY.

  .. For United States DOMESTIC DELIVERY ..Please add $4.50 S&H, (CA residents, add Tax). ..For FOREIGN DELIVERY…Please add $9.00…S & H .in US dollars please, (payable through Bank of America).

  HUNDREDS OF BOOKS HAVE ALREADY BEEN SOLD, BUT, as a courtesy and for just a short while only....take continued advantage of the... 15%..'PRE-SHIPPING' DISCOUNT ....from the Standard edition price ...on orders received in Santa Barbara by 1 DECEMBER 2004.

Temporary 15% Discount Price
  DOMESTIC DELIVERY:...$46.75.+.$4.50..(S&H)...= ..$51.25. (Please add tax in CA).

  FOREIGN DELIVERY:.US$46.75. + $9.00..(S&H)= ?S$55.75..(Price for each Book).................. FOR MULTIPLE BOOKS.....apply discount to List price according to numbers of books ordered, OR,.....for 8 books or more......ADD $4.00 for SHIPPING COSTS to the discounted book price for each book. THEN, enter Total price in PayPal window....and under COMMENTS, list number of books ordered).

  Send payment to: …Lance A. Birk,.. PO Box 61842,.. Santa Barbara, CA, 93160,..USA............OR, .......Use PAYMENT BUTTONS below

  Air Mail service is available via-- USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.with added expense. Please calculate cost for 4 US pounds shipping weight, and include with your payment. (Also include instructions for your requested shipping method and carrier.)

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