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In this page, I'll introduce the good news including how to grow Paph. some products for growing etc. in the various kinds of fields in Paph.. CM about fertilizer and some activators will be all right. If you have some good information, please let me know. Thank you. E-mail to Dr. Tanaka :

Wild Orchids in Myanmar Vol. 1~6
Japanese - English

Volume 3. 'SHANGRI LA of WILD ORCHIDS' will be released in June 2007.  

 The sub title of Vol.3 is ' SHANGRI LA of WILD ORCHIDS '. The wild orchids, Dendrobium mainly in Victoria mountain that lie between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Paphiopedilums that were found in Myanmar will be introduced in 10 pages.
Dr. Yoshitaka Tanaka PhD in Bangkok 
Executive Director of The Foundation of Agricultural Development and Education

Price: US$48 (exclusively postage)
Contact address: Dr. Yoshitaka Tanaka, villa California 164/C-214 , Bangkadi, Tiwanon Road, Pathum Thani 12000, Thailand
Tel & fax: +66-2-963-7826

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