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In this page, I'll introduce the good news including how to grow Paph. some products for growing etc. in the various kinds of fields in Paph.. CM about fertilizer and some activators will be all right. If you have some good information, please let me know. Thank you. E-mail to Dr. Tanaka :

Wild Orchids in Myanmar Vol. 1~6
Japanese - English

Volume 2. 'A Poem of Wild Orchids ' will be released in the end of September, 2004.  
In the 3rd, Sep. 2004, I have received the copy of this book as a sample. As he mentioned about this book proudly, many photos are so powerful. I'll introduce a few of them as follows. The latter, buy the book and show them please. ( Tanaka )
 I published this book vol.2 as a deluxe edition, I believe. You will be able to feel and recognize the nature of wild orchids in Shan, Myanmer. I believe you can enjoy the nature and the atmosphere around the orchids. In a few years, the nature might be disappeared and the information in this book would be valuable materials. About the first volume win popularity and the enlarged edition will published again in English and French in Dec. The third volume will be published in Feb, 2005. Please hope for the vol.3 too.
Dr. Yoshitaka Tanaka PhD in Bangkok 
Executive Director of The Foundation of Agricultural Development and Education

The cover of Vol. 2

Beyond of Coelogyne Hill
The summit of "Coelogyne Hill " is covered by a carpet of Coel. lentiginosa. They have to survive under sever conditlon on lime rock without rain for 6 months. Many colonles of Dendrobium, Pholdota
and Paph. charlesworthii are observed near the hills. It changes to "Paradise of Ground Orchid" in the rainy season.

Paph. charlesworthii ( Rolfe) f. sandowiae ( album ) Braem
The album white flowers of Paphiopedilum charlesworthii attract us in territorlal habitat among grasses with several colonies. Since the flower season is over in other colonies, it suggested that white flowers prolong the bloom time due to a kind of mutation. Pure white dorsal petal are noticeable and approximately lO cm in diameter. The probabillty is one of 200.000 plants in natural condition.

Phaius tankervil!iae (Banks. ex L'Horitisi) Blume.

Plant height is more than 1m tall, Iarge size of the orchid species is growing in the floating island in the Inlay Lake. Inthar people love flower cultivation and hang many wild orchids in their houses. It seems like the pseudobulbs are washed away from the cultivation area and habitats of wild orchids are surrounding the lake.

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