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In this page, I'll introduce the good news including how to grow Paph. some products for growing etc. in the various kinds of fields in Paph.. CM about fertilizer and some activators will be all right. If you have some good information, please let me know. Thank you. E-mail to Dr. Tanaka :

HappaRappa for watering not to get leaves wet. Patent applied for.

Contact:PLM Inc.
      6-1551 Sakaino-Cho, Kiryu-Shi, Gunma-Ken 376-0002
      A managing director :
Mss Noriko Senkai
      e mail :
      TEL +81-277-44-1637 FAX +81-277-44-1633

 A novelty products, HappaRappa which is very useful and unique will be introduced. It is very easy to use putting in compost of pot ( Photo ).

Put HappaRappa tightly between compost and pot.

* Flowers and leaves will not be damaged by watering
* HappaRappa's shape is resemble to leaves not to destroy the scenery.
* You can water to plants from a glass or cup.

5 colors are arranged.

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