The Awards in this show

Individual Class

The Grand Champion

Den. cathbertosonii 'Gold Mountain' GM/CCM/JGP '05
The grower : Mr. Katsumi Furuyama 

The information of JGP '05 and the grand champion was released to the press reporter.

Near the end, the exhibitor of grand champion, Mr. Furuyama could finally arrived at.

He was gifted Mercedes Benz for the prize
The Champion of Flower Art judging division

The special award from the Orchid committee of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

Lc. Melody Fair ' Sachi '
The exhibitor: Mr. Eiji Namishio

The special award from American Orchid Society (RHS)

Cym. goeringii 'Kinchohibu'

The Grand Champion in Display

(1) Open Class

by Chiba Orchid Growers Association

(2) Amateur Class

By Yokosuka Orchid Society

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in Tokyo Dome 2005

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