The Grand Prix,
International Orchid Festival 2005
in Tokyo Dome

The Opening Ceremony
and Preview

In this page, I'll release the information in the show step by step. At the beginning, I'll invite you to the opening ceremony and preview on the 18th, Feb.

As I was busy in this ceremony, I asked Mr. Yagame to take the photos. The photos bellow in this page were taken by him.Thank you, Mr. Yagame.

The beginning of opening Ceremony

A greeting by Her Highness Princess Takamado
The mistress of ceremonies is Miss Mako Hattori.

A greeting by the president of AOS
Mercedes Benz is the prize for the grand champion with 2,000,000 yen.

Mr. Furuyama is interviewed by a beautiful guide, Miss Hattori.

' I hard it is very difficult to grow this orchid well.' 'Do you have some special ways to grow your plant well ? ' ' Yes, I put it in refrigerator in summer season.'

The grand champion of display in open class was Chiba Orchid Growers association.

A ribbon cutting for opening

Opening the board behind, the main road for the tower was appeared. This is the beginning of the preview party.

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in Tokyo Dome 2005

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