The special displays in this show

Exhibitions by the host organized committee

The center dome on the main road to the central monument

The special Photo exhibition by Mr. Ambassador , Howard H. Baker from USA.

He is well known as a excellent photographer. His photos of orchids were introduced in a pecial area of this show.

Mrs. Ambassadors with their special display

Mrs. ambassadors from Panama (L) and from New Zealand(R).

Mrs. ambassadors from Malaysia

Mrs. ambassadors from Panama

Orchids in Madagascar

Suzumushi-Sou (Liparis makinoana) is very similar to a insect, Suzumushi (Meloimorpha japonica)

Orchids in twelve months

Oncidium is a orchid in September

Phalenopsis is a orchid in August

Minitua Orchids

Exhibitions by the host organized committee (NO.2)

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in Tokyo Dome 2004

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