The hidden side of the show@(1)

Before the show opening to public

The concerned have rehearsed many times for the opening ceremony.

She repeated the same lines many times until she was satisfied.

With the false champion winner. He was checking the good acoustics to be satisfied.

The winners were waiting for the ceremonies opening.

After tape cutting, the back wall was opened to the way for center monument. The back board was moved by a person like this in truth.

The main area of the show is clean up and is waiting for visitors.

The awarded flowers on center monument were prepared for the main area.
The awarded flower were checked one by one for visitors Do it faithfully !
The flowers were replaced better for judging and for visitors.
Finally, the numbers of plants were countered for check. If it was wrong, plant and number was joined one by one by many staffs.
Many staffs for guard were instructed strictly. Charming guides at the information desk were also explained about flowers in detail. Can you remember completely ?
In the judging preparing room, the results of judging is summing up by so many peoples.
They were so busy. In the lunch time only, they were relieved. Good smiles ! ' Are you going to home ? ' Many thanks for your troubles.
The registration table for judging. The staff were checked the form and identication & categories of flowers.
He checked the height of plants. Because in Cattleya group, we had categories dependent on their size. They checked 1200 ~ 1300 forms and plants by a few members.

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in Tokyo Dome 2003

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