The Arts of Orchids (5)
A new star in Japanese Paintings 071103
Miss Kyoko Nakamura
( Tokyo, Japan)
Tokyo National University of Fine Art & Music

Fujino Kaika

Miss Kyoko Nakamura who was born in Nagano Ken is a new young star in Japanese Paintings. She is a postgraduate student of doctoral course in Japanese Paintings of Tokyo National University of Fine Art & Music. In these days, she was very interested in the world of polination where orchids and insects cooperate each other. She fumble about philosophical deduction of the world. We, orchid fans would understand the appeal in her works, I believe. The creative motivation will be born from her meditation, I guess. We expect her to play an active part in the modern Japanese paintings and also in our orchid world.

Her personal exhibiton will be open to public in the World Orchid Show 2008 that will be held in Sunshine City Tokyo from 5th to 8th, Jan 2008 by All Japan Orchid Society.

Paph. wardii

Paph. Macabre

  Paph. haynaldianum

She works the basic sketching for studying orchids.

' Quincuncial holes ' 「中空子苗の庭」

Ophrys with a bee ' Line of Procreate ' 「生殖の線」

Cattleya labiata version

' Of Soul in Twins ' 「汀の精神」

「Mosaic disease」

flesh of Sun 「光の肉」

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