The Arts of Paphiopedilums (1)

Orchid Paintings 001016
Mr. Ole Hamilton Poulsen ( Denmark )
e-mail :

As you perhaps can see in the paintings, I like to make them as natural as possible, to show people how the plants grow in the nature, with limestone, dead leaves, mosses, tree branches etc., also as you maybe can see, I like to make them in an "old fashioned style", not as an "botanical correct" illustration with staminodium, petals, sepals etc. separated, but with the whole plant with flower/s in its natural habitat, for instance you can see P.rothschildianum with Mount Kinabalu in the background. The paintings I attached to the e-mail are just samples of my work or pictures ordered from a friend I have in Brazil, but if you wish, I take orders on specific paintings too,
for example if you have a special plant/s that you would like to order painted, you are most welcome. I also do portraits, animals etc.
Regarding prices, I can tell you that there is two types and that a picture in 30x40 cm, with details on flower, background etc. (just like the P.hermannii) costs about 700DKK (approximately 90 US$), and a painting in 40x50 & 40x60 cm costs about 1.200DKK (approximately 150 US$). As an example the picture of Phrag. caudatum var. warscewiczianum, I had on exhibition in the EOC 2000 in Bella Center in April here in Denmark, and the price was a little higher,
1.500DKK (200US$) because it took a little longer to make, as you can see I have made a lot of work on the details, especially in the background, with the waterfall, cliffs etc. made with an airbrush.I don't think that 200$ is a lot for 12 days work, do you? But the more paintings that you order the cheaper it get's, as I give 10% discount if you order 5 paintings or more, and 20% discount on 10 paintings or more.
Just now there is only a few of my illustrations on it, but I am just as we "speak" working on it to get all of my orchid pictures in on it. So it should be updated today, or the following days. Hope to hear from you soon again, and all orders will be welcome.
NOTEFThe price is going up now. About the price, ask him directly.

These are true painting but not printing ! These paintings are just samples and were sold out already because these ones had ordered and painted.

Paph. primulinum

Paph. charlesworthii

Paph. hermanii

Paph. superbiens

Paph. rothschildianum

Paph. randosii

Phrag. besseae

Phrag. longoforium

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