Morioka (thirty nine degrees North, one hundred and forty one degrees East) is about the same distance from the equator as Beijing, Ankara, Lisbon and Washington D.C. , five hundred and fifty kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

Morioka is a castle town and has a history of almost four hundred years. Iwate Park was once the site of Morioka Castle. The castle is also known a Kozukata Castle. Takuboku Ishikawa (1886-1912) who was born in the suburbs of the city is one of Japan's well-known poets. He attended school in Morioka and often came to the park. A memorial in the castle grounds reads,

"Lolling in the grass of Kozukata Castle
The sky drawing up
The spirit of a fifteen year old"

People are warm - hearted in Morioka.

The Morioka Orchid society was founded in March 1991 by enthusiasts living in Morioka city. Today the society's membership includes about 40 people. We became an affiliate of AOS in 1995. Sharing our experiences and enjoying the@camaraderie of other folks who have caught orchid fever are the goals of our society.

Masanori Shozushima, Ph.D.
President, Morioka Orchid Society


These orchid pictures have achieved great popularity among the members of our monthly meetings.

  • My favorite Flowers...HERE
  • All of these orchids are cultivated by the society's members.