Awarded Plants on Akashi Orchid Society Meetings and Orchid Shows - 2003

Oct 5 Monthly Meeting (2003”N10ŒŽl‹C“Š•[Œ‹‰Κ )

1st Den. ovipostoriferum by Mr Nishiumi, ΌŠC•qOŽ
2nd Cycnodes Wine Delight 'J.E.M.' by Mr Nagai ‰iˆδŸŽ
3rd Lc. Mary Elizabeth Bohn by Mr Nagai ‰iˆδŸŽ
4th Blc. Eagle Eye 'All Victory' by Mr Nagai ‰iˆδŸŽ
5th C. labiata rosada 'ronolo guerreciro' by Mr Kusumi “νŒ©—ΗˆκŽ

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

July 6 Monthly Meeting (2003”N7ŒŽl‹C“Š•[Œ‹‰Κ )

1st Den. dearai by Mr Nishiumi, ΌŠC•qOŽ
2nd Habenaria rhodocheila by Mr Shitamori ‰ΊX••vŽ
3rd Paph. Suzan Booth by Ms Kitase –k£“NŽqŽ
4th Stanhopea tigrina by Mr Nagai ‰iˆδŸŽ
5th Den mariae by Mr Kakutani Šp’J“OŽ
Monthly Special Epi Plastic Doll by Mr Kusumi “νŒ©—ΗˆκŽ

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Special

Feb 2 Monthly Meeting (2003”N2ŒŽl‹C“Š•[Œ‹‰Κ )

1st Blc. Markzeug 'Yumi' by Mr Yokoyama, H ‰‘ŽRO”V‰ξŽ
2nd Blc. Triunphal Coronation 'Seto' by Mr Shibutani a’J•q–ΎŽ
2nd C. 'Swing Time' x 'Old Whitey' by Mr Shibutani a’J•q–ΎŽ
4th C. walkeriana v. alba 'Johnny' by Mr Hamaguchi •lŒϋ_Ž
4th Blc. Pamela Hetherington 'Coronation' by Mr Sakurai χˆδKOŽ
Monthly Special Paph. venustum v. albam 'Josai' by Mr Sakurai χˆδKOŽ
Monthly Special C. walkeriana v. coerulea 'San Gabrial' by Mr Hamaguchi •lŒϋ_Ž

1st 2nd 2nd 4th 4th Special Special

17th Akashi Orchid Show at Meikoen 23-26 Jan (‘ζ‚P‚V‰ρ–ΎΞƒ‰ƒ““WŒ‹‰Κ)

1 B. nodosa by Mr Nishiumi –ΎΞƒ‰ƒ“‰ο‰ο’·ά@ΌŠC •qOŽ
2 Blc. Pamela Hetherington 'Coronation' by Mr Shitamori –ΎK‰€ά@‰ΊX@••vŽ
3 L.. anceps v veitchiana 'Fort Caroline' by Mr Kakutani —DGά@Šp’J@“OŽ
4 Paph. Michael Koopowitz by Mr KOnishi —DGά@¬Ό@’‰—ΗŽ
5 Phrag. lindleyanum by Ms Morimoto —D—Ǐ܁@Žη–{@‰ΐŽqŽ
6 B. perrinii by Mr Nagai —D—Ǐ܁@‰iˆδ@ŸŽ
7 Paph. insigne eOdittyf by Ms Kitase ‹ΰά@–k£@“NŽqŽ
8 Blc. Rose Whisper@'Suisei' by Mr Yokoyama,H ‹ΰά@‰‘ŽR@O”V‰ξŽ
9 Dendrochilum sp. by Mr Hamaguchi ‹βά@•lŒϋ@_Ž
10 Lc. Melody Fair 'Carol' by Mr Yokoyama,Y ‹βά@‰‘ŽR@‹`ΊŽ
11 C. trianaei v. amesiana by Mr Sakurai “Ίά@χˆδ@KOŽ
12 Paph. parishii by Mr Miyawaki “Ίά@‹{˜e@­ŽuŽ
13 Den. Bizen 'Akebono' by Mr Kusumi “Ίά@“νŒ©@—ΗˆκŽ
14 Zygopetalum Red ValeePretty Annf by Mr Kondo “w—͏܁@‹ί“‘@šυŒαŽ
15 C. trianaei 'A.C.Burrage' by Mr Matsushita “w—͏܁@Ό‰Ί@­•vŽ
16 Blc. Prince Cort by Mr Monden “w—͏܁@–ε“c@ŽŠOŽ
17 Blc. Pastoral 'Innocence' by Mr Nishina “w—͏܁@m‰Θ@‹`³Ž
18 Special Mr Nagai –ΎΞƒ‰ƒ“‰ο“Α•Κά@‰iˆδ@ŸŽ
19 Special Mr Nishiumi –ΎΞƒ‰ƒ“‰ο“Α•Κά@ΌŠC@•qOŽ

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17 18 19

Jan 6 Monthly Meeting (2003”N1ŒŽl‹C“Š•[Œ‹‰Κ)

1st Lc. Molody Fair 'Carol' by Mr Nishiumi iΌŠC@•qOj
2nd Angcm. sesquipedale by Mr Magai i‰iˆδ@Ÿj
3rd C. percivaliana v. alba by Mr Sakurai iχˆδ@KOj
4th C. trianaei 'Aranka Germaske' by Mr Nishiumi iΌŠC@•qOj
5th Coelia bella by Mr Miyawaki i‹{˜e@­Žuj
5th Chisis chelsonii*** by Mr Nagai i‰iˆδ@Ÿj

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