Awarded Plants on Akashi Orchid Society Meetings and Orchid Shows - 2001

Dec 2 Monthly Meeting (2001年12月人気投票結果)

1st Lc. Little Oliver by Mr Nagai
2nd Odm. Rawdon Jester by Ms Morimoto
3rd Blc. Meditation x C. Old Whitey by Mr Nishiumi
4th Galeandra sp. by Mr Nishiumi
4th Blc. Amy Wakasugi 'Foutune' by Mr Yokoyama, H

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th

Oct 1 Monthly Meeting (2001年10月人気投票結果)

1st C. maxima by Mr Miyawaki
2nd C. bowringiana v. coerulea by Mr Sakurai
3rd L. perrinii 'Red' by Ms Morimoto
4th C. labiata v. coerulea by Mr Kakutani
5th C. perrinii v. s/a by Mr Shitamori

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Sep 2 Monthly Meeting (2001年9月人気投票結果)

1st Angcm. Longi Scott by Mr Shitamori
2nd Milt. spectabilis 'Carl' by Mr Nagai
3rd Epi. fragrans by Ms Morimoto

Aug 5 Monthly Meeting (2001年8月人気投票結果)

1st Gram. scriptum by Ms Nagai
2nd Pot. Lovely Memory 'June Bride' by Mr Nishiumi
3rd Den. bracteosum by Mr Nishiumi

July 1 Monthly Meeting (2001年7月人気投票結果)

1st Bulb. graveolens 'Mont Millais' by Ms Morimoto
2nd Den. dearei by Mr Nishiumi
3rd Epi. mariae by Mr Kakutani
4th Habenaria rodockila by Mr Shitamori
5th Epi. prismatocarpum by Mr Nagai

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

June 3 Monthly Meeting (2001年6月人気投票結果)

1st Thunia armeriana by Mr Miyawaki
2nd L. lobata v. concolor 'Misato' by Mr Nishiumi
3rd Stan. sp. by Mr Nagai
4th Den. wasselli by Mr Hamaguchi
5th Paph. muqetteanu x delenatii by Mr Yokoyama, H

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

May 6 Monthly Meeting (2001年5月人気投票結果)

1st Den. chrysotoxum by Mr Shitamori
2nd Max. fletcheriana by Mr Sakurai
3rd L. purpurata by Mr Shitamori
4th Paph. Lebaudyanum by Mr Tada
5th C. skinnerii v. alba 'Extra' by Mr Sakurai

Apr 8 Monthly Meeting (2001年4月人気投票結果)

1st C. skinneri 'Danaes' by Mr Nishiumi
2nd C. Angelwalker 'Delight' by Mr Sakurai
3rd Den. chrysotoxum by Mr Yokoyama, H
4th Paph. villosum by Mr Miyawaki
5th Cuitlauzina pendula by Mr Shitamori

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Mar 4 Monthly Meeting (2001年3月人気投票結果)

1st Paph. delenatii by Mr Miyawaki
2nd C. skinneri 'Orchidglade' by Mr Tanaka
3rd Blc. Triunphal Coronation 'Seto' by Mr Shibutani
4th Trpi. suavis by Mr Yokoyama, Y
5th Den. albosanguineum by Mr Nishiumi

1st 2nd 3rd

Feb 3 Monthly Meeting (2001年2月人気投票結果)

1st Lc. Melody Fair 'Carol' by Mr Kakutani
2nd Blc. Rose Whisper by Mr Nishiumi
3rd C. intermedia v. coerulea by Mr Nishiumi
4th Paph. Michael Koopowitz 'Josai' by Mr Sakurai
5th Bc. Donna Kimura x C. Empress Bells by Mr Uni
6th Den. Sea Mary 'Snow King' by Mr Nishiumi
6th Lc. Chit Chat by Mr Yokoyama, H.
8th Scvhom. undulata by Mr Tanaka
9th Blc. Pamela Hetherington 'Coronation' by Mr Uni
9th Lc. Melody Fair 'My Way' by Mr Shibutani

Jan 7 Monthly Meeting (2001年1月人気投票結果)

1st Bc. Pastoral Innocence by Mr Shitamori
2nd Lc. Bonnet Festa by Mr Uni
3rd Lc. Little Oliver by Mr Nagai
4th Lc. Loddiaca 'Sumiyo' by Mr Shitamori
5th Blc. Lindmer 'Orbet Ten' by Mr Nishiumi

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